About Us

The purpose of our existence

Problem statement: 

The “UPSC market” is plagued with two kinds of problems. One is the expensive institutes that create an entry barrier to several genuine candidates as they cannot afford the tuition fees. The second is the “Free” materials and “Cheap” courses available in the market. They either dump “copy paste materials” or the courses are not upto the level which UPSC exam demands. 

So there isn’t any institute or a place that provides quality content at affordable prices. This is where we come in (It’s not just another marketing gimmick :P). 


We genuinely feel this space for quality content at affordable prices to be missing and void and if we can take that place, we may cater to those students who are very talented but cannot access content that is super expensive and also those aspirants who are falling prey to “cheap” content.

In that endeavour we plan to bring you a series of programs that are well curated on the lines of UPSC, qualitative and also very affordable.  We are here to serve the aspirant community who have dreamt to be an IAS officer one day.  We’ll do everything in our power to increase your probability to achieve success in this exam. 

Your success gives meaning to our purpose 🙂