Ancient India Simplified: Chalcolithic Culture (Pre-Harappan culture) 4000 B.C – 3000 B.C

1. They are chronologically antecedents and partly contemporary of Harappan culture.
2. They are noticeable by the use of copper metal (Copper and stone tools were used simultaneously) and painted ware. 
3. Mehrgarh in Balochistan is the oldest site. 
4. The people were mostly rural and lived near hills and rivers
5. Settled community life with mud houses, stone pots, grinding stones and bones of domestic animals were found. 
6. People had knowledge of spinning and weaving.
7. Pottery: Used Black and Red Ware (Painted pottery, in black pigment; decorated with different shapes.).
8. Important Sites: Ghaggar Valley (Punjab,India), Ahar (Rajasthan, India) Banas (Rajasthan, India), Malwa (MP, India), Inamgaon (Maharashtra, India)  Kausambi (UP, India), Alamgirpur (UP, India) , Ropar (Punjab, India), Gomal Valley (Pakistan).

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