Ancient India Simplified: Development of Science and Technology during Gupta times.

 The Gupta period witnessed progress in all spheres: art, architecture, literature, science and technology, metallurgy and philosophy and hence is rightly called the golden period of Ancient history of India.

Science and Technology during Gupta times

Mathematics1. Aryabhatta was the first to use the decimal system though he was not its originator.
2. Aryabhatta formulated the rule for finding out the area of the triangle.
3. Aryabhatta calculated the value of Pie and laid down the foundation of algebra in his Aryabhattiyam.
4. Aryabhatta’s Surya Siddhanta should be credited for separating astronomy from mathematics.
5. Brahmagupta in the 7th century A.D. developed rules for operating with zero and negative quantities.
6. Bhramagupta began to apply algebra to astronomical problems. 
Astronomy1. Aryabhatta in Aryabhattiyam found causes for lunar and solar eclipses.
2. Also calculated the circumference of the earth and was the first to reveal that the sun was stationary and the earth revolves around the sun.
3. Varahamihira’s Brihatsamhita stated that the moon rotates around the earth and the earth around the sun.
4. He also wrote Pancha Siddhantika, which gives the summary of five astronomical books currently in his time.
Medicine1. Patakapya was the author of ‘Hastiayurveda’ or veterinary science.
2. The Navinitakam was a medical work which is a manual of recipes, formulae and prescriptions.
Metallurgy1. Nagarjuna is referred to as a brilliant chemist.
2. The famed Iron Pillar near the Qutub-Minar sits silently as a testament to the Hindus’ remarkable metallurgical prowess
ScienceThe Vaisesika school of physicists pronounced atomic theory.

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