Ancient India Simplified: Five groups of structural temples evolved during Gupta period.

The Gupta period witnessed progress in all spheres: art, architecture, literature, science and technology, metallurgy and philosophy and hence is rightly called the golden period of Ancient history of India.

Five groups of structural temples of Gupta period

Flat-roofed square templeEx: Temple number XVII at Sanchi
Flat roof square temple with a second storey (Vimana)Ex: Parvati temple at Nachna Kuthara
Rectangular templeEx: Durga temple at Aihole
Square temple with a tower (Shikara)Ex: Deogarh (M.P) and Bhitargaon temples
Circular Temple Ex: Maniyar Math

The oldest surviving temple in the country is a small, nondescript shrine in Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh belonging to the Gupta period.

Dashavatara Temple, Deogarh, Uttar Pradesh

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