Ancient India Simplified: Gupta Numismatics

The Gupta period witnessed progress in all spheres: art, architecture, literature, science and technology, metallurgy and philosophy and hence is rightly called the golden period of Ancient history of India.

Gupta Numismatics

Lichchavi typeThe Licchavi issue bears the image of King Chandragupta-I with his queen Kumaradevi of the Lichchavi family. 
Bow type (Standard Type)Most Common.King standing with Bow and Arrow (Garuda Dhwaja). The reverse side of the coin portrays the goddess Laxmi.
Umbrella type/The Chhatra typeThe Emperor is standing under an umbrella.
Paryanka typeKing is sitting in his bed.
Killing lion typeIf he were going to kill a lion
Horse typeKing riding an horse
Yupa typeCommemorate the occasion of performing asvamedha yajna
The Lyrist typeHas the king on a high backed couch, playing the Veena which rests on his knees. The legend “Maharajadhiraja – Sri Samudragupta” decorates the obverse.
Peacock or the Kartikeya typeIs probably the most beautiful of the coins which shows the King offering a bunch of grapes to a Peacock with his right hand.

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