Ancient India Simplified: Major Literary Works and Authors during Gupta Period.

The Gupta period witnessed progress in all spheres: art, architecture, literature, science and technology, metallurgy and philosophy and hence is rightly called the golden period of Ancient history of India.

Gupta Literature

In addition to Sanskrit literature, Prakrit also had their patronage outside the court circle. 
The Gupta age in fact witnessed the evolution of many Prakrit forms such as Suraseni used in Mathura and its vicinity; Ardhmagadhi spoken in Oudh and Bundelkhand, Magadhi in modern Bihar and Marathi in Berar.
KalidasaClassical Sanskrit writer. The six major works of Kalidasa:
The plays: 1.  Abhijnana Shakuntalam 2. Vikramorvashi 3. Malavikagnimitra.
The epic poems 1.Raghuvamsha 2.Kumarasambhava 3. Meghaduta
VishakhadattaMudrarakṣhasa (Mudrarakshasa means “Ring of the Demon” and it recites the ascent of Chandragupta Maurya to the throne).
ShudrakaThree Sanskrit plays are attributed:
1. Mrichchhakatika (The Little Clay Cart),
2. Vinavasavadatta, and
3. a bhana (short one-act monologue) Padmaprabhritaka.
HarisenaPrayag Prashasti or Allahabad inscription about Samudragupta.
BhasaHe wrote 13 plays which echo the lifestyle of the Gupta Era along with its prevalent beliefs and culture.
BharaviA Sanskrit epic,  Kiratarjuniya (describing the combat between Arjuna and Lord Shiva).
Bhatti Bhaṭṭikāvya which is also known as Rāvaṇavadha was written by Bhatti.
Dandin1. Kavyadarshana and Dasakumarcharita were famous works.
2. Dasakumarcharita ‘The Tale of the Ten Princes’ which represents the adventures of 10 princes.
BhatrihariWrote Nitishatak, which has 100 verses on philosophy and Vakyapadiya, a treatise on Sanskrit Grammar.
Ishwar KrishnaHis major work was Sankyakarika. It was an observation on Samkhya Philosophy.
VyasaHas written Vyasa Bhashya. It was a work on Yoga philosophy
VatsyayanaAuthor of Nyaya Sutra Bhashya and Kamasutra.The Nyaya Sutra Bhashya is regarded as the first commentary on Gautama’s Nyaya Sutras.
Buddhist Literature1. Earlier works were written in Pali but later in Sanskrit.
2. Aryadeva and Asanga of the Gupta period are the most notable writers of this school.
3. The first regular Buddhist work on logic was written by Vasubandhu.
Jain Literature1. First written in Prakrit and then Sanskrit.
2. Vimala has produced a Jaina version of the Ramayana.
3. Sidhasena, Divakara laid the foundation of logic among the Jainas by compiling the famous Nyayaavarta and Sammatitarka Sutra.

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