Economy Simplified: GDP and National Income Aggregates Explained.

1. Gross DomesticProduct at MarketPrices GDP is the market value of all final goods and services produced within a domestic territory of a country measured in a year. All production done by the national residents or the non-residents in a country gets included, regardless of whether that production is owned by a local company or a foreign entity. Everything is valued at market prices.
2. GDP at Factor CostGDP at factor cost is gross domestic product at market prices, less net product taxes. Market prices are the prices as paid by the consumers Market prices also include product taxes and subsidies. The term factor cost refers to the prices of products as received by the producers. Thus, factor cost is equal to market prices, minus net indirect taxes. GDP at factor cost measures the money value of output produced by the firms within the domestic boundaries of a country in a year.
3. Net Domestic Product at Market PricesThis measure allows policy-makers to estimate how much the country has to spend just to maintain their current GDP.If the country is not able to replace the capital stock lost through depreciation, then GDP will fall.
4. NDP at Factor CostNDP at factor cost is the income earned by the factors in the form of wages, profits, rent, interest, etc., within the domestic territory of a country.
5. Gross National Product at Market Prices GNP at MP is the value of all the final goods and services that are produced by the normal residents of India and is measured at the market prices, in a year. GNP refers to all the economic output produced by a nation’s normal residents, whether they are located within the national boundary or abroad. Everything is valued at the market prices.
6. GNP at Factor CostGNP at factor cost measures the value of output received by the factors of production belonging to a country in a year.
7. Net National Product at Market Prices This is a measure of how much a country can consume in a given period of time. NNP measures output regardless of where that production has taken place (in domestic territory or abroad).
8. National Income (NNP at Factor Cost)
NNP at factor cost is the sum of income earned by all factors in the production in the form of wages, profits, rent and interest, etc., belonging to a country during a year. It is the National Product and is not bound by production in the national boundaries.
It is the net domestic factor income added with the net factor income from abroad.
9GVA at Market PricesGDP at market prices
10.GVA at basic pricesGVA at MP – Net Product Taxes
11.GVA at factor costGVA at basic prices – Net Production Taxes

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