[Essay Topic- 3 Mains 2022]History is a series of victories won by the scientific man over the romantic man.


History, in its vast expanse, offers a tapestry of events, ideologies, and revolutions. One intriguing lens through which we can observe this narrative is by viewing it as a constant tussle between the scientific and the romantic paradigms. Both have left indelible marks on the annals of time, but there’s a compelling argument to be made about the scientific man’s victories over the romantic man.

Thesis Statement

While the romantic man dreams, aspires, and brings forth the raw passion of human spirit, it is the scientific man, with his logic, empiricism, and method, who has often redefined history’s course. This essay posits that history can be interpreted as a series of victories won by the scientific temperament over the romantic inclination.

Crux/Meaning of the Essay

The central theme here is the exploration of the dynamic interplay between the empirical, method-driven mindset of the scientific man and the idealistic, passion-driven approach of the romantic man. By understanding their respective influences, we can trace the trajectory of societal progress.

Different Dimensions

Industrial Revolution: A prime example where scientific advancements, such as steam engines and mechanized looms, overpowered the romantic ideals of pastoral simplicity.

Renaissance Period: While replete with artistic (romantic) fervor, it was also a period of scientific discoveries and methodological inquiries.

Space Exploration: The romantic allure of the stars met the scientific rigor of space missions, resulting in human footprints on the moon.

Different Perspectives

Philosopher’s Perspective: They might argue that the romantic man gives birth to ideas and dreams which the scientific man then realizes. Thus, it’s a symbiotic relationship rather than a triumph of one over the other.

Technologist’s View: They may contend that tools, machinery, and technology (byproducts of the scientific mindset) have been the primary drivers of societal advancement.

Artist’s Lens: From this viewpoint, while science might win battles in progression and development, it’s the romantic spirit that feeds the soul of civilizations, making life meaningful.

Significance in Current Context

Today, as we stand on the cusp of technological breakthroughs like AI and quantum computing, the balance seems tilted in favor of the scientific man. However, the increasing need for humanistic studies, arts, and holistic well-being underscores the romantic man’s enduring significance. As society grapples with ethical dilemmas posed by scientific advancements, the romantic man’s ideals might offer the moral compass we need.


History, in its multifaceted narrative, showcases the oscillation of influence between the scientific and the romantic temperaments. While the scientific man provides the tools and methods to navigate the physical world, the romantic man offers the ideals, dreams, and passions that give life its deeper meaning. Instead of viewing history as a series of victories of one over the other, it might be more apt to see it as a harmonious dance between the two, each pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their own unique way.

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