[Essay Topic- 8 Mains 2020] Technology as the silent factor in international relations.


International relations have conventionally been defined by political, economic, and military power. However, in the contemporary age, technology emerges as the silent yet potent factor influencing global dynamics. The invisible threads of technology weave through nations, subtly yet significantly altering the tapestry of international interactions.

Thesis Statement

While political treaties, economic agreements, and military alliances often take center stage, technology is the undercurrent that shapes, defines, and transforms international relations, exerting silent yet significant influence.

Crux/Meaning of the Essay

This essay explores the multifaceted role of technology in international relations, unveiling its silent but pervasive impact on communication, power structures, economies, and the global order.

Different Dimensions

Communication and Diplomacy: Technology has revolutionized diplomatic communication, enabling real-time interactions, digital diplomacy, and the global dissemination of messages.

Economic Power Shifts: Nations leading in technology innovation and digital economies are emerging as significant players on the international stage.

Cybersecurity: The silent wars waged in the cybersphere impact national security, economic stability, and the power dynamics among nations.

Different Perspectives

The Technologist’s View: They may focus on the innovation and efficiencies technology brings, yet also caution about the emerging digital divides and cybersecurity threats.

The Diplomat’s Lens: Diplomats might explore how technology is both a tool and a challenge, facilitating communication while also bringing new complexities like disinformation campaigns.

The Military Strategist’s Perspective: For military strategists, technology is a double-edged sword, offering advanced defense capabilities while opening new fronts in warfare like cyberattacks.

Significance in Current Context

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and digitalized, technology’s role is magnified. It’s not just an enabler but a silent actor, influencing policies, power structures, and international alliances. Nations’ technological capabilities are as scrutinized as their military and economic prowess, shaping a new paradigm in international relations.


Technology, the silent factor, is intrinsically woven into the complex dynamics of international relations. It does not just facilitate interactions but shapes them, silently influencing power equations, alliances, and global dynamics. Recognizing and understanding this silent yet potent force is pivotal for navigating the intricate landscape of contemporary international relations. In this silent technological symphony, nations dance to the tunes of innovations, digital advancements, and cyber capabilities, writing a narrative that will define the future of global interactions.

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