Mastering Basics: All Basic Subjects simplified! (A prerequisite to clear UPSC exams, both civils and forest service).

Work on your ‘Basics’! 

Improve your ‘Basics’!

‘Basics’ is the key to crack this exam!

You have heard many times people tell you that we have to be very strong in our ‘Basics’ to clear any exam and so do UPSC exams as well. So have you taken some time out and ever pondered on what exactly is this ‘Basics’? And What sources are there for you to study ‘Basics’?
Well, if you have pondered on it or not, no worries because today we are here to clear the air about what ‘Basics’ mean in a competitive exam and How to strengthen the ‘Basics’ to clear any competitive exam, especially UPSC civils and forest service exam.
Hello guys. Welcome to iasuniverse. Today we bring to you a completely new program which exclusively focuses on improving your basics. Firstly let us talk about ‘Basics’ and problem students face in learning this ‘Basics’ and then impress upon you how iasuniverse helps solve this problem statement.

What is Basics?

Basics forms the heart of any examination. If a student wants to clear any exam (UPSC, SSC, State PCS etc.) basics should be the first level of preparation for him/her. By strengthening ‘Basics’ once in your preparation, you can gain a competitive edge in all competitive exams. That’s the beauty of ‘Basics’.
But unfortunately ‘Basics’ is overlooked in the so called “Coaching Industry” purposely because of two reasons
  1. Basics involves static subjects and once a student masters them, there is no need for students to come back to the website or the offline centres. Now this is bad for “Business” and hence by design Basics are pushed to the background.
  2. Cannot make money out of ‘Basics’ as they are static. One book is enough for a student to master Basics. Hence potential for the market to make money from them is very less. However because current affairs in “dynamic” and something new keeps popping up, this gives the market opportunity to come up with new materials every time and hence the potential to make money rises exponentially.
After understanding the importance of Basics, now let’s delve into what exactly is the meaning of it? ‘Basics’ means static subjects. It includes the following subjects 
  1. Polity
  2. Economy
  3. History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)
  4. Geography
  5. Environment 
  6. Science and Technology
Reading NCERTs and one advanced book (For ex: Laxmikanth for polity) on every respective subject should suffice for strengthening the ‘Basics’. It is that simple!! But then why are students facing difficulty in mastering basics?

Problems students face when learning Basics?

  1. Reading NCERTs: There are two problems in this:
    1.  They have to read from 6th standard to 12th standard. This psychologically seems like you have to read a lot, however in reality that’s not the case. But students usually want a shortcut to this so either they look for some summary of all NCERTs or they skip 6-10th and read 11th and 12th NCERTs.
    2. NCERTS from 6th -10th talk in a very simple language about their respective subject. But they cover very minimal content. Then comes NCERT 11 and 12th standard, which tries to overcompensate for this minimal content in previous standards by dumping too many concepts and facts which confuses and discourages the students from reading and liking these subjects. The problem here is NCERTs take a piecemeal approach towards explaining the subjects and also there is no continuity in conceptual flow of topics.
  2. Reading one advanced text book relevant to that subject: For example: Lakshnmikanth for polity.
    1. The first problem here is all so called “advanced books” have, in the name of coverage, dumped facts, issues and concepts with an exception of a few books such as Lakshmikanth book of Polity (No disrespect to any author, the views expressed are completely personal). Also we feel there is a sequential link missing while explaining one concept and going to another concept in most of the books. 
    2. The second problem is the plethora of books available for every subject. Students are confused which to study and in their endeavor to reach perfection they end up reading 2-3 books on respective subjects and complicate the entire preparation process.
  3. Reading ready-made material available online: Using the internet to enrich your knowledge is always the best and the most democratized way to achieve success. There are several websites that summarize the basics aptly and do a fair job. But some problems in the internet landscape when it comes to studying “Basics” are
    1. A lot of websites dump the concepts and facts (COPY and PASTE) with the intention to give students a sense of completion of the syllabus. 
    2. The person developing the content misses out on curating all information added because their main aim is to focus on quantity and in that endeavor quality is hit.
    3. No website provides all “Basics” at one place which are qualitative. If one subject is good all others are bad. 
    4. Students are pushed with enormous volumes of facts with no intention to make them understand the logic behind the concepts and clarity of thoughts regarding the subjects. 

Solution: Mastering “Basics”: All “Basic” Subjects Simplified by IASUNIVERSE

This is not a marketing gimmick 🙂 The initiative is completely free. The reason we say this in the beginning is we understand the apprehension and frustration felt by all of you. We know the disappointment you face when you read something and the literature fails to give you clarity. For that we want to make it clear that we want nothing but a good-name. And as has always been our motto “You success is our purpose” and we stand by this statement.
Mastering Basics is a well curated, highly filtered and freakishly simplified narration of Basic subjects. The focus here is 
1. Simplicity of language: Developed in a way so that even non english and non science students can understand the subject comprehensively. 
2. Quality of content: Quality overrides Quantity in what we do. No words, will wait for your testimonial after you complete mastering basics
3. Logical arrangement of topics : We have taken spatial and temporal parameters to design the arrangements. 
4. Inter-connectivity of topics and concepts
5. Every statement that is added has a purpose: For Instance: In Ancient India, if we have included the statement Chandragupta II daughter Prabhavati was married to a Vakataka prince Rudrasena II, the purpose here is not for you to know who is getting married to whom but to know that Gupta empire and Vakataka kingdom were contemporaries.
6. Well Curated Facts:  (We couldn’t neglect it as, in the last 2 years of  prelims exam we are seeing factual questions being asked in a few subjects such as Ancient India, Environment and so on, But we’ll make sure not to dump facts and curate it to make sure only the most important ones are mentioned).

We believe that by learning the subjects through our initiative “Mastering Basics”, one can achieve the following things

1. Finish your first level of preparation for UPSC comprehensively. (This is a prerequisite for success in any competitive exam).
2. Your basic understanding of the subjects increases tremendously. (This is important for both prelims and mains especially considering the recent trends).
3. Strengthening Basic will help you to absorb current affairs effectively. Reading newspapers henceforth will become a piece of cake for you.
The only thing we ask you in return is a smile and gratitude. Mastering Basics is the first step in entering  our UNIVERSE. So we welcome all of you into this universe to use it wisely so that you can succeed. Because as said before Your Success is our Purpose. 

Note: We will be uploading the subjects gradually after our team thoroughly curates all content post development and it will be put on the home page menu.

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