[Model Answer QP 2021] Identify ten essential values that are needed to be an effective public servant. Describe the ways and means to prevent non-ethical behaviour in the public servants.


Public administrators must conduct themselves in a manner that shows the public that they are trustworthy. This means adhering to core values for the safety and good of the public. Take a closer look below  at what each of these public service values entails.

Ten essential values that are needed to be an effective public servant

  1. Courage:Having courage means being willing to stand up for what you believe in, even when it’s unpopular or may result in punishment.  It also means having confidence in your ability to do your job effectively and not letting fear of failure stop you from trying new things.
  2. Patience: When it comes to solving complex problems, patience is a virtue. The ability to wait for just the right moment can make all the difference in how successful you are at solving a problem and getting your point across.
  3. Honesty: Being honest with yourself and others can help you reach mutually beneficial solutions for everyone involved.Honesty helps build trust, which allows you to work effectively with other people.
  4. Courage of conviction: Ability to do what is required even if the odds are against.
  5. Responsiveness: Addressing the demands of the public. 
  6. Openness: Being transparent and open to scrutiny.
  7. Innovative: To help solve complex problems in administration.
  8. Fairness: Being fair, trustworthy and sincere.
  9. Spirit of Service: Self motivated as well as inspires his/her colleagues and subordinates.
  10. Respect to Legal Framework: Follows procedure listed under the ambit of law and restricts discretionary working style.

Ways and Means to prevent non-ethical behaviour in the public servants


Being a public administrator comes with a degree of prestige because of the public spotlight. Therefore, public administrators must always act professionally. Anything they do can damage their reputation. This is the first core value and means dressing appropriately and acting fairly to the public. Professional values incorporate character traits such as responsibility, dependability, efficiency, competence, objectivity, and confidence.

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