[Model Answer QP2021] Besides domain knowledge, a public official needs innovativeness and creativity of a high order as well, while resolving ethical dilemmas. Discuss with suitable examples.


World Bank expert and water and sanitation specialist, Parameshwaran Iyer was appointed to lead Swachh Bharat mission. His Domain Knowledge helped not only for the success of the Swachh Bharat Mission but his  innovativeness and creativity helped resolve several ethical dilemmas. 

For Instance, Parmeswaran Iyer resolved the Ethical Dilemma of Authority and Responsibility: By cleaning the toilet pit himself, he was able to be the agent of change and instill his emotional intelligence to bring about behavioral change among people. 

Ethical Dilemma is a state of indecision when a person is caught in the battle to choose one ethical value over the other.

Some more examples that of Ethical Dilemmas that require Innovativeness and creativity are:

  1. Reformative vs retributive justice: Should we abolish capital punishment? How to prevent media trials in highly-sensitive cases?
  2. Development vs Conservation: Interlinking of Ken-Betwa rivers leading to submergence of Panna tiger reserve.
  3. Security vs Privacy : Having a Data localisation and Data protection law in place.
  4. Accessibility vs Affordability: Breaking the myth of High cost meaning high quality(4g Technology)
  5. Public vs Private : Positive inclination towards privatization. Building trust among the public about the private players. (Innovation: Trusteeship model of Gandhiji)


Modern problems need modern solutions and modern solutions demand a blend of domain knowledge with innovativeness and creativity.

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