[Model Answer QP2021 GS1] ”There arose a serious challenge to the Democratic State System between the two World Wars.” Evaluate the statement.

In the political reconstruction of Europe, republics had replaced many monarchies. In addition, the era coincided with the rise of communism, starting in Russia with the October Revolution and Russian Civil War, at the end of World War I.
Challenges to Democratic Systems in the Inter-War period of the two World Wars II

1. Rise of Fascism: Dictatarship with totalitarian authority came up in Germany and Italy. Benito Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany who was a proponent of a form of facism known as Nazism.

2. Spanish Civil War: Spanish Civil War, (1936–39) was a military revolt against the Republican government of Spain

3. Rise of Japan: The Meiji Restoration undere which Japan underwent a period of industrialization and militarization.

4. Peak of Colonialism: The major democracies of the time from USA to UK had been practicing colonialism which is fundamentally opposite of democratic ideals. 

5. Rise of Communism: The world was about to be split into 2 camps, capitalists and communists.
The threat to democracy came when the appeasement policy of the west regarding Hitler reached its peak in form of Munich Conference.

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