[Model Answer QP2022 GS2]Do you agree with the view that increasing dependence on donor agencies for development reduces the importance of community organisation participation in the development process? Justify your answer.

Donor agency means foreign government or organization/institution that provides support in social welfare activities or activities of social service or development.
For Instance, UNICEF does fundraise in India. UNICEF is the only UN agency that depends on voluntary contributions. UNICEF relies on voluntary contributions from public donors, businesses, foundations and individuals. The money that is raised in India is utilized for our programmes in India.
Community Based Organization refers to organization aimed at making desired improvements to a community’s social health, well-being, and overall functioning.

Importance of Donor agencies in Development Process

1. Mobilisation of Resources: The agencies have wider reach and can raise high amounts in less time.
2. Technologically driven which helps bring efficiency and effectiveness. 
3. Management of Human resources and operational efficiency is optimal and hence labour productivity is high.
4. Sharing Best Practices: WHO has helped better health and well being across India.

Do not agree that the dependence on Donor agencies is reducing the importance of community based organisation: 

1. Community organisation will always command local expertise and hence are the supplier of the labour force. 
2. India being a democratic nation, the government of the day will always prioritize community organisation in the development process.
3. Community based organisation is very important for the success of bottom up planning in India i.e. if democratic decentralisation has to be a success. 
The reducing dependency is a perception of threat the local population feel whenever the donor agencies take up mega projects. It is the job of the government to reduce this perception and this can be possible if transparency in the working of donor agencies is done with mandatory accountability clauses to the government and the local public. 
Both should complement one another as the Donor agencies bring finance and technology whereas the community based organisations bring human resources. Together they can push India towards a greater development trajectory. 

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