[Model Answer QP2022 GS2]How will I2u2(India, Israel, UAE and USA) grouping transform India’s position in global politics?

I2u2 is also known as the “Western QUAD” which was finalised following the Abraham accords.  The aim is to expand economic and political cooperation in the Middle East and Asia.

I2u2(India, Israel, UAE and USA) grouping will transform India’s position in global politics

1. India’s ability to serve as an innovation hub connecting new partners and hemispheres to strategically address challenges that are too great for any one country to manage. For instance, renewable energy, Space, Biotechnology etc. 
2. India will be able to capitalize the market in these countries for critical emerging green technologies.
3. India can be a trusting partner of West Asia with no vested interests. This makes India’s stand unique.
4. India can secure its energy security
5. This grouping will benefit Indian Diaspora, their welfare and also will have a significant impact on the remittances also. 
6. Helps counter China and its interference in the west Asian waters of the Indian Ocean.
I2U2’s emergence can be attributed to rapidly growing cooperation among its member countries, with a boost from the 2020 Abraham Accords that produced normalization agreements between Israel and several Arab neighbors, including the UAE.
I2u2 has the potential to be more than just another group capitalizing on the “minilateralism” trend in international relations.

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