[Model Answer QP2023 GS1] Do you think marriage as a sacrament is losing its value in modern India?


Indian marriage is viewed not just as a bond between two individuals but as an alliance between two families. Marriage in India is a socio-religious institution that carries deep cultural significance.

Marriage as a sacrament is losing its value in modern India

1. Cultural Shifts: As India continues to modernize, there’s a blend of Western and traditional Indian values. This intermingling has led some to view marriage more as a partnership based on love and mutual respect, rather than strictly a sacred bond.

2. Rise of Individualism: With more emphasis on individual rights and personal happiness, many Indians, especially in urban areas, prioritize personal growth, career ambitions, and self-fulfillment. This can sometimes come at the expense of traditional views on marriage.

3. Economic Factors: Economic independence, particularly among women, has played a role in changing marital dynamics. Women with financial autonomy have more say in their marriage choices, and sometimes prioritize their careers or personal growth over early marriage.

4. Changing Social Dynamics: The social stigma around divorce, though still present, has lessened in many parts of India. This has led to more couples choosing to separate if they believe the marriage isn’t working, reflecting a shift from viewing marriage as an unbreakable bond to seeing it as something that can be ended if not harmonious.

5. Media Influence: Bollywood, television shows, and digital platforms expose Indians to various representations of love, relationships, and marriage. These portrayals, ranging from the romantic to the pragmatic, influence perceptions and expectations about marriage.  

6. Legislation and Rights: Laws that challenge traditional norms, like the decriminalization of adultery and the recognition of LGBTQ+ rights, indicate shifts in how society views marriage and relationships.

7. However, Traditional Values Persist: Despite these changes, the concept of marriage as a sacrament continues to hold strong value in vast segments of Indian society. Many still view marriage as a holy union, with ceremonies like the ‘saat phere’ (seven rounds around the sacred fire) carrying profound spiritual significance. Traditional family structures, community involvement in marriages, and religious teachings ensure that the sacramental view of marriage remains integral to many.

8. Diverse Views Across India: India is vast and diverse. Generalizing for the entire population can be misleading. What might be true for urban centers like Mumbai or Bangalore may not be the case in rural areas or smaller towns. Regional, cultural, religious, and socio-economic differences result in varied perceptions about marriage.


While there’s a discernible shift in how marriage is perceived in parts of modern India, it would be an oversimplification to state that marriage as a sacrament is universally losing its value.

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