Modern History Simplified: Advent of the Dutch in India in 17th century

  1. The Dutch founded their first factory in Masulipatnam (in Andhra) in 1605.
  2. The Dutch established factories on the Coromandel coast, in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar.
  3. Their principal factories in India were at Surat, karaikal, Chinsurah, Kasimbazar, Nagapattinam (near Madras), Balasore and Cochin
  4. They carried indigo manufactured in the Yamuna valley and Central India, textiles and silk from Bengal, Gujarat and the Coromandel, saltpetre from Bihar and opium and rice from the Ganga valley.
  5. Anglo-Dutch Rivalry: After prolonged warfare, both the parties came to a compromise in 1667 by which the British agreed to withdraw all their claims on Indonesia, and the Dutch retired from India to concentrate on their more profitable trade in Indonesia.

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