Modern History Simplified: Aitchison Committee on public services (1886) set up by Lord Dufferin

Aitchison Committee on public services (1886)
  1. The Indian National Congress raised the demand, after it was set up in 1885, for
    1. Raising the age limit for recruitment, and
    2. holding the examination simultaneously in India and Britain.
  2. Aitchison Committee recommendations
    1. Dropping of the terms ‘covenanted’ and ‘uncovenanted’
    2. Classification of the civil service into
      1. Imperial Indian Civil Service (examination in England), 
      2. Provincial Civil Service (examination in India) 
      3. Subordinate Civil Service (examination in India)
    3. Raising the age limit to 23.
  3. In 1893, the House of Commons in England passed a resolution supporting holding of simultaneous examinations in India and England;but the resolution was never implemented. 

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