Modern History Simplified: Chuar Uprisings (Revolt of the Jungle Mahal)-1780s

Chuar Uprisings (Revolt of the Jungle Mahal)-1780s
  1. The Chuar aboriginal tribesmen of the Jungle Mahal of Midnapore district and  Bankura district in Bengal.
  2. These tribes’ people were basically farmers and hunters. They held their lands under a kind of feudal tenure, but were not strongly attached to the soil, being always ready to change from farming to hunting, at the bidding of their jungle chiefs or zamindars.
  3. They were subjected to famine, enhanced land revenue demands and economic distress. This made them take up arms and revolt against the company. 
  4. Important leaders were Jagannath Singh, the zamindar of Ghatsila, Shyam Ganjan of Dhadka, Subla Singh of Kaliapal, Dubraj and Durjan Singh.
  5. The revolt was brutally suppressed by the British.

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