Modern History Simplified: Diwan Velu Thampi’s Revolt (1808-1809)

Diwan Velu Thampi’s Revolt
  1. The State of Travancore agreed to a subsidiary alliance arrangement under Wellesley in 1805.
  2. The company imposed harsh conditions in the State of Travancore. The ruler was not able to pay the subsidy and fell in arrears. The British resident of Travancore was meddling in the internal affairs of the state.
  3. This resulted in Prime Minister (or Dalawa) Velu Thampi to rise against the Company assisted by the Nair troops.
  4. Kundara Proclamation: Velu Thampi addressed a gathering in Kundara, openly calling for taking up arms against the British to oust them from the native soil.
  5. The Maharaja of Travancore had not wholly supported the rebellion and defected to the side of the Company. 
  6. Velu Thampi killed himself to avoid capture. The rebellion petered out.

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