Modern History Simplified: First Carnatic War (1740-1748)

  1. The French power was at its height in the first half of the 18th century.
  2. The Austrian War of Succession, which broke out in 1740 in Europe, gave rise to Anglo French rivalry.
  3. It led to commercial and maritime rivalry between France and England.
  4. On other hand, in India, the entire South India was divided into minor Rajas, Nawabs and petty chieftains.
  5. The succession disputes in South India opened the door for European intervention in support of various rival Indian claimants.
  6. British supremacy was established in India after the Carnatic Wars.
First Carnatic War (1740-1748)
  1. Some of the French Ships were captured by the English navy.
  2. The French retaliated and seized Madras.
  3. The war ended in 1748 and the Treaty of Aix-La Chapelle was signed.
  4. In accordance with the treaty, Madras was returned to the English and the French got their territories back in North America.

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