Modern History Simplified: Judiciary and Judicial reforms under William Bentick and Post William Bentick

To understand Judiciary under William Bentick better please read the topics Judiciary under Warren Hastings and Judiciary under Lord Cornwallis first.
Judiciary Under William Bentick 
  1. The four Circuit Courts were abolished and their functions transferred to collectors.
  2. Sadar Diwani Adalat and a Sadar Nizamat Adalat  (which were courts of appeal )were set up at Allahabad for the convenience of the people of Upper Provinces.
  3. English replaced Persian in the Supreme court. In the lower courts till then Persian was used. However now suitors had the option to use Persian or a vernacular language.
  4. In 1833 a law commission was set up under Macaulay for the codification of Indian laws.
Developments of Judiciary Post 1840

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