Modern History Simplified: Judiciary Under Cornwallis (The Cornwallis Code)- Separation of Powers

Read Judiciary Under Warren Hastings to understand this better.

  1. The District Diwani Adalat was now designated as the District, City or the Zila Court and placed under a district judge
  2. The collector was now responsible only for the revenue administration with no magisterial functionsSeparation of revenue from judicial powers. 
  3. The District Faujdari Courts were abolished and, instead, circuit courts were established at Calcutta, Dacca, Murshidabad and Patna. 
  4. These circuit courts had European judges and were to act as courts of appeal for both civil and criminal cases.
  5. The Sadar Diwani Adalat was shifted to Calcutta and was put under the governor-general and members of the Supreme Council assisted by the chief qazi and the chief mufti.

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