Modern History Simplified: Learn about Sargent Plan of Education (1944)

  1. The Sergeant Plan (Sergeant was the educational advisor to the Government) was worked out by the Central Advisory Board of Education in 1944.
  2. The objective was to create within 40 years, the same level of educational attainment as prevailed in England.
  3. Although a bold and comprehensive scheme, it proposed no methodology for implementation.
  4. The recommendations of the commission include:
    1. Pre-primary education for 3-6 years age group; free, universal and compulsory elementary education for 6-11 years age group; high school education for 11- 17 years age group for selected children, and a university course of 3 years after higher secondary; 
    2. High schools to be of two types:
      1. Academic and
      2. Technical and vocational
    3. Adequate technical, commercial and arts education. 
    4. Abolition of intermediate course.
    5. Elimination of adult illiteracy in 20 years.
    6. Stress on teachers’ training and physical education
    7. Emphasis on education for the physically and mentally handicapped.

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