Modern History Simplified: Learn all about Lord Mountbatten (1947-1948)– Viceroy of India and his achievements.

  1. When he began his mission, Jinnah was adamant about establishing Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten attempted to persuade Jinnah of the benefits of a united India, but it was in vain.
  2. Despite Mountbatten’s determination, Nehru and Patel’s inability to deal with the Muslim League, and finally Jinnah’s obstinacy, all Indian party leaders (except Gandhi) agreed to Jinnah’s plan to divide India, which eased Mountbatten’s task.
  3. His good relations with the Indian princes were instrumental in convincing many of them to join the Union of India, but his failure to persuade the princely states of Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Junagadh to reach a similar conclusion would lead to future tensions between India and Pakistan.
  4. First governor-general of an independent India until June 1948.
  5. 1947 Dickie Bird Plan
    1. This plan’s main proposal was that provinces become the first independent successor states rather than an Indian Union or the two dominions of India and Pakistan.
    2. The states would then decide whether or not to join the constituent assembly.
    3. This plan was only discussed informally with Nehru. Nehru immediately rejected the plan as it would lead to Balkanization of India
  6. June 3rd Plan : By June 1947, Congress had approved partition. Prime Minister Atlee announced the Partition Plan or June 3 Plan in the House of Commons on June 3, 1947.
  7. Partition Committee
    1. Lord Mountbatten presided over the formation of the Partition Committee which was later replaced by Partition Council. Sardar Patel and Dr. Rajendra Prasad represented the Congress on this council and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Liaqat Ali Khan, and Abdur Rab Nishtar represented the Muslim League as alternate members.
    2. The boundaries between the two dominion states were to be determined by a Boundary Commission chaired by Sir Cyril Radcliff
  8. The Indian Independence Act of 1947
  9. He also played a key role, along with Sardar Patel, in convincing Nehru to order a military strike to aid Kashmir after Maharaja Hari Singh signed the accession document.

During his presidency, India gained independence in the form of two dominions, India and Pakistan. As the last Viceroy, he would oversee the British withdrawal from India and ensure a smooth transition to power.

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