Modern History Simplified: Learn all about Sadler Commission (1917) and its recommendations

1. The commission was set up to study and report on problems of Calcutta University but its recommendations were applicable more or less to other universities also.
2. The commission reviewed the entire field from school education to university education.
3. It held the view that, for the improvement of university education, improvement of secondary education was a necessary precondition.
4. In 1920, the Government recommended the Saddler report to the provincial governments.
Recommendations of the commission include 

1. School course should cover 12 years. Students should enter university after an intermediate stage (rather than matric) for a three-year degree course in university. This was done to: 
(i)prepare students for university stage
(ii)relieve universities of a large number of below university standard students
(iii)provide collegiate education to those not planning to go through the university stage.
2. A separate board of secondary and intermediate education should be set up for administration and control of secondary and intermediate education.
3. There should be less rigidity in framing university regulations.
4. A university should function as a centralised, unitary residential-teaching autonomous body, rather than as scattered, affiliated colleges.
5. Female education, applied scientific and technological education, teachers’ training including those for professional and vocational colleges should be extended.

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