Modern History Simplified: Learn all about the Hunter Education Commission 1882

1. In 1882, the Government (Lord Ripon) appointed a commission under the chairmanship of W.W. Hunter to review the progress of education in the country since the Wood’s Despatch of 1854.
2. When education was shifted to provinces in 1870, primary and secondary education further suffered because the provinces already had limited resources at their disposal.
3. The Hunter Commission mostly confined their recommendations to primary and secondary education.
The recommendations of the commission for primary and secondary education includes: 

1. Emphasised that state’s special care is required for extension and improvement of primary education, and that primary education should be imparted through vernacular.
2. Recommended transfer of control of primary education to newly set up district and municipal boards.
3. Recommended that secondary (High School) education should have two divisions:
(i)literary—leading up to university.
(ii)vocational—for commercial careers.
4. Drew attention to inadequate facilities for female education, especially outside presidency towns and made recommendations for its spread.

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