Modern History Simplified: Parsi Reform Movement – The Rahnumai Mazdayasnan Sabha [1851]

The Rahnumai Mazdayasnan Sabha [1851]
  1. Founded in 1851
  2. The stated objective of the Sabha was “the regeneration of the social condition of the Parsis and the restoration of the Zoroastrian religion to its pristine purity”.
  3. Aimed for the regeneration of the social conditions of the Parsis. For instance, attempts were made to uplift the status of Parsi women through removal of the purdah system, raising the age of marriage and education. 
  4. The movement had Naoroji Furdonji, Dadabhai Naoroji, K.R. Cama and S.S. Bengalee as its leaders.
  5. The message of reform was spread by the newspaper Rast Goftar (Truth-Teller).

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