Modern History Simplified: Ramosi uprisings [1830s, 1880s, 1920s] – Hill tracts of Western Ghats

  1. They were the hill tribes of Western Ghats.
  2. They resented the policy of annexation by the British because after the annexation of the Maratha territories by the British, the Ramosis, who had been employed by the Maratha administration, lost their means of livelihood.
  3. They rose under Chittur Singh in 1822 and plundered the country around Satara.
  4. There were similar revolts in the 1830s and 1840s led by Umaji Naik of Poona, Raja Pratap Singh of Satara and others.
  5. The British followed a pacifist policy towards the Ramosis, and even recruited some of them into the hill police.

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