Modern History Simplified: Second Carnatic War (1749-1754)

Second Carnatic War
Claimants for Nizam’s post (Hyderabad)Claimants for Nawab’s post (Carnatic)European Support
Muzaffar JungChanda Sahib (Anwaruddin’s Son in law))French
Nasir JungMuhammad Ali (Anwaruddin’s Son)English
  1. Dupleix sought to increase his power and French political influence in South India by interfering in the local dynasties dispute.
  2. The dispute for succession of throne was going on at Hyderabad and Carnatic.
  3. Hyderabad (1748) : The Nizam of Hyderabad, Asaf Jah, Died. He was succeeded by Nasir Jung (son of Asaf Jah) but was opposed by Muzaffar Jung (nephew of Asaf Jah).
    1. Dupleix supported Muzaffar Jung.
  4. Carnatic: The dispute was going on between Anwaruddin (son) and Chanda Sahib (son-in-law).
    1. Dupleix supported Chanda Sahib.
  5. Muzaffar Jung + Chanda Sahib + Dupleix formed an alliance and defeated and killed Anwaruddin in the battle of Ambur
  6. Nasir Jung was also killed by one of his trusted nobles in 1750.
  7. At this time Dupleix was at the height of his political power, so under his influence Muzaffar Jung became the ruler of Hyderabad and Chanda Sahib became the ruler of Carnatic.
  8. Role of the British: 
    • Mohammad Ali, son of Anwaruddin, requested the British to help. Robert Clive attacked ARCOT (capital of Carnatic) and captured it. The Directors of the French Company were dissatisfied with the political ambition of Dupleix and they recalled him.
  9. The war ended with the Treaty of Pondicherry in 1755 leading to Muhammad Ali being installed as the Nawab of the Carnatic. 
  10. As per the treaty, the English and the French were to indulge only in commercial activities in India and not interfere in sub-continental political affairs.

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