Modern History Simplified: Servants of India Society [1905]

Servants of India Society [1905]
  1. The Servants of India Society was formed in Pune, Maharashtra, in 1905 by Gopal Krishna Gokhale, who left the Deccan Education Society to form this association.
  2. Founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale with the help of M.G.Ranade.
  3. The aim of the society was
    1. Train national missionaries for the service of India.
    2. To promote, by all constitutional means, the true interests of the Indian people.
    3. To prepare a cadre of selfless workers who were to devote their lives to the cause of the country.
  4. In 1911, the Hitavada began to be published to project the views of the society.
  5. The society chose to remain aloof from political activities like the Indian National Congress.
  6. After Gokhale’s death (1915), Srinivasa Shastri took over as president.
  7. The society is active even today working in the fields of education, Tribal empowerment etc. 

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