Modern History Simplified: Temple Entry Movement (1880s, 1920s and 1930s)

Temple Entry Movement (1880s, 1920s and 1930s)
  1. Aruvippuram movement (1888) by Narayan Guru and Kumaran Asan was the first temple entry movement. 
  2. T.K. Madhavan, a prominent social reformer and editor of Deshabhimani, took up the issue of temple entry with the Travancore administration.
  3. Vaikom Satyagraha (Travancore)1924:
    1. It was led by K.P. Kesava and launched in Kerala demanding the throwing open of Hindu temples and roads to the untouchables.
    2. The satyagraha was reinforced by jathas from Punjab and Madurai
    3. Gandhi undertook a tour of Kerala in support of the movement.
  4. Guruvayur Satyagraha (1931)
    1. Again in 1931 when the Civil Disobedience Movement was suspended, a temple entry movement was organised in Kerala.
    2. Inspired by K. Kelappan, poet Subramaniyam Tirumambu (the ‘singing sword of Kerala’) led a group of sixteen volunteers to Guruvayur.
    3. Leaders like P. Krishna Pillai and A.K. Gopalan were among the satyagrahis.
  5. Finally, in 1936, the Maharaja of Travancore issued a proclamation throwing open all government-controlled temples to all Hindus.

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