Modern History Simplified: Turns and twists in the politics of Partition in 1940s – Linlithgow’s statement (Government’s Response to Congress Wardha Resolution) 

Linlithgow’s statement (Government’s Response to CWC [Wardha] Resolution)

1. The government’s response was entirely negative. Viceroy Linlithgow, in his statement, tried to use the Muslim League and the princes against the Congress.
2. The Government refused to define British war aims beyond stating that Britain was resisting aggression.
3. The Government said it would, as part of future arrangement, consult “representatives of several communities, parties and interests in India, and the Indian princes” as to how the Act of 1935 might be modified.
4. The Government said it would immediately set up a “consultative committee” whose advice could be sought whenever required.
It became clear that the British government had no intention of loosening its hold, during or after the war, and was willing to treat the Congress as an enemy.
Hence, In October of 1939, the Congress ministers decided to resign and the Congress Working Committee decided not to support the war. 

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