Modern History Simplified: Learn all about Lord Minto I (1807-1813) – Governor general of India and his achievements.

1. He was one of the managers appointed by the House of Commons to oversee Warren Hastings’ impeachment.
2. His signing of the Treaty of Amritsar in 1809 with Ranjit Singh, the ruler of Punjab, was a great triumph. Ranjit had established his rule west of the Sutlej and was looking east. At this point, Minto moved forward and dispatched a young diplomat named Charles Metcalfe, who persuaded Ranjit Singh to become a British ally. Ranjit Singh accepted the Sutlej as his Kingdom’s boundary through the treaty and faithfully followed the treaty terms for the rest of his life. The treaty was significant because it brought stability to the Punjab territory and secured the Company’s possessions in the east.
3. The resurrected French threat, on the other hand, was Minto’s main source of concern. Minto attempted to reduce French influence through a series of missions to prevent a joint Franco-Russian invasion of India via Persia
4. He largely adhered to a non-interventionist policy in India, avoiding any major wars and won several diplomatic battles.
5. He used force to keep the Pindari leader, Amir Khan, from interfering in Berar.

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