Modern History Simplified: Learn all about Lord Reading [Rufus Isaacs] (1921-1926)– Viceroy of India and his achievements.

  1. Moplah Rebellion, 1921
    1. In Kerala, the Moplah defied government orders to make Congress and Khilafat meetings illegal.
    2. It quickly devolved into a communal uprising between Kudiyaan tenant Moplahs and Jenmis Hindu Landlords.
    3. The movement was successfully suppressed.
  2. Chauri-Chaura Incident, 1922
    1. Chauri Chaura, Gorakhpur district of the United Provinces (modern-day Uttar Pradesh) in British India.
    2. Police opened fire on a large group of protesters participating in the non-cooperation movement. In retaliation, protesters attacked and burned down a police station, killing all of its occupants.
    3. As a direct result of this incident, Mahatma Gandhi, who was adamantly opposed to violence, put an end to the national non-cooperation movement 
  3. Decision to hold Simultaneous exam for ICS
    1. With the establishment of the Federal Public Service Commission in 1922, the Indian Civil Service Examination began to be held in India as well, first in Allahabad and later in Delhi.
  4. Swaraj Party (1923)
    1. The Swaraj Party was founded by Congress leaders Moti Lal Nehru, CR Das, NC Kelkar, GS Gharpade, and S Srinivas who were called swarajists because they shifted their focus to “Swaraj” within the British Raj and decided to run for office, enter legislatures, and bring “change.” So they were also called Pro Changers. 
    2. No Changers: Other congress leaders began uplifting the poor by teaching them how to use Charkha, denouncing untouchability, and popularising nonviolence and Gandhian methods. C Rajagopalachari was a well-known No-changer.
  5. Kakori Train Conspiracy, 1925
    1. Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) members created the Kakori Train Conspiracy with an intention to commit a political heist in order to obtain government funds. 
    2. Thirty people were arrested and the trial resulted in the executions of Swaran Singh (Bhagat Singh’s uncle), Ram Prasad Bismil, Ashfaqullah Khan, Rajendra Lahiri, and Roshan Singh.

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