Modern History Simplified: Learn all about Sir John Lawrence (1864-1869)- Viceroy of India and his achievements.

1. During the First Anglo-Sikh War of 1845-1846, he brilliantly organized the supply of the British army in Punjab and was appointed commissioner of Jalandhar.
2. During the Second Anglo-Sikh War, he undertook several reforms, such as the abolition of internal duties, the establishment of a common currency and postal system, and the development of Punjabi infrastructure, helped him gain popularity, and he was dubbed “the Saviour of the Punjab” by some.
3. Policy Towards Afghanistan: A Masterly Inactivity Policy: “We will leave the Afghans to settle their own quarrels,” Lawrence said, “and we are willing to remain on terms of amity and goodwill with the nation and its rulers de facto.” This is referred to as a masterly inactivity policy.
4. The Orissa famine of 1866: Under the leadership of Henry Campbell, the government established the Famine Commission. The emphasis has been placed on infrastructure development so that relief can be delivered on time.
5. Bhutan War (1826): Bhutan’s relations with the British were established in 1826. The British desired to occupy hilly routes because Bhutan raided Bengal and Assam via these routes. The “Treaty of Sinchula”, brought peace to Bhutan but ceded territories in the Assam and Bengal Duars
6. Telegraphy System opened between India and Europe.
7. Created the Indian Forest Department.

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