Prelimsverse: Learn about Nettipakarana, Parishishtaparvan, Avadanasataka, Trishashtilakshana Mahapurana

Nettipakarana (The book of guidance):  Buddhist Text (Pali):– which gives a connected account of the Buddha’s teachings. The Netti methods were taught by the Buddha’s disciple Kaccana (also Katyayana or Kaccayana). It is a Buddhist scripture, sometimes included in the Khuddaka Nikaya of Theravada Buddhism’s Pali Canon. It is about systemization of Buddha’s teachings. 
Parishishtaparvan: Jaina Text:  Sanskrit Mahakavya of 12th century by Hemachadra. Also known as the Sthaviravalicharitra. It details the histories of the earliest Jain teachers. The book also describes Chandragupta’s connections with Jainism.
Avadanasataka: Buddhist Text (Sanskrit): The Avadānaśataka (A Hundred Glorious Deeds) is an anthology in Sanskrit of one hundred Buddhist legends. The stories are thematically organized into ten “books” that portray the truth of the doctrine of karma (action) and the power of religious dĀna (giving), faith, and devotion. Compiled from the second to fifth centuries. 
Trishashtilakshana Mahapurana: Jaina Text: composed largely by Acharya Jinasena during the rule of Rashtrakuta ruler Amoghavarsha and completed by his pupil Gunabhadra in the 9th century CE. Mahapurana consists of two parts. The first part is Ādi purāṇa written by Acharya Jinasena. The second part is Uttarapurana which is the section composed by Gunabhadra.

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