Prelimsverse: Learn about “The System of Rice Intensification (SRI)”

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) is a farming methodology  that
1. is a low-water, labor-intensive method that starts with young seedlings planted singly at wider spacing in a square pattern;
2. The purpose of making lines is to provide a favourable environment for growth and development of rice plants through such spacing.
3. Cultivating rice with as much organic manure as possible.
4. With intermittent irrigation that keeps the soil moist but not inundated
5. It promises to save 15 to 20% ground water, and improves rice productivity, which is almost at a stagnant point now.
6. Unlike traditional methods where weeds are major problem and weedicides are sprayed simultaneously at the time of sowing, in SRI, which permits greater weed growth because of alternate wetting and drying of fields, the weeds are incorporated into the soil by operating a cono-weeder between rows, which are made at the time of sowing, which adds nutrients to the crop like green manures. 
7. Under SRI 2kg seed is required to grow a nursery for one acre against 5kg seed required in the traditional method.
Experts said that unlike DSR, which is suitable only for mid to heavy textured soils, SRI is suitable in all types of soil including less fertile soil as in such soil the number of seedlings can be increased to double.

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