Prelimsverse: Learn all about Biorock Technology

Biorock technology is an innovative process originally invented in 1976 by the late architect Prof Wolf Hilbertz  to produce natural building materials in the sea. Biorock materials are the only marine construction material that grow, get stronger with age, and are self-repairing. 

Biorock technology has been successfully applied to fish and shellfish mariculture as well as to growing limestone breakwaters to protect islands and coastal areas from erosion and rising sea levels.

It is a unique method that allows coral reefs, and other marine ecosystems including seagrass, salt marsh, mangrove, and oyster reefs to survive and recover from damage caused by excessive nutrients, climate change, and physical destruction by greatly increasing the settlement, growth, survival, and resistance to stresses, including high temperature and pollution, of all marine organisms.

As a result, it keeps ecosystems alive when they would otherwise die from severe stress, and restore them at record rates where there has been no natural recovery.

Biorock technology can be powered by energy from the sun, winds, waves, and ocean currents, generated directly at the site. 

Coral Reef Restoration and Protection against Global warming

  • Biorock coral reefs turn barren dead and dying areas into pristine reefs swarming with fishes in a few years, even where natural recovery is impossible.
  • Biorock corals continue to thrive when others die, and Biorock™ reefs cost less than other methods. 

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