Prelimsverse: Meaning of “Real Sector” in the economy simplified!

 There are three sectors of domestic economy:

1.General government sector
2. Real sector
3. Financial sector
Sectorization of the domestic economy from the view of monetary statistics is important also to identify money issuing and holding sectors. Thus, the financial sector is the economy’s money issuing sector; the real sector is the economy’s money holding sector; the general government sector is not a money holder, despite it may influence the quantity of money through its operations.
The real sector of the economy consists of enterprises (nonfinancial corporations), households and nonprofit institutions serving households.
1. NonFinancial Corporations Sector: Non Financial organizations comprise all resident units involved in production of market goods and non financial services. Ex: enterprises of full partnership, limited partnership, share holding companies, trade cooperatives etc. 
2. Households Sector: This sector consists of all resident households. Households are those individuals or groups of persons.
3. Nonprofit Institutions Serving Households Sector: This sector comprises noncommercial organizations engaged in production of non market goods and services. These goods and services are provided to individual households or to the entire community without charge or at prices that are not economically significant. Ex: political parties, churches, religious organizations, charities, professional and other unions, cultural organizations, some educational and research institutions, etc.

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