Questions and Model answers of GS2 UPSC Mains Exam 2023

10 markers

1. “Constitutionally guaranteed judicial independence is a prerequisite of democracy. “Comment.
2. Who are entitled to receive free legal aid? Assess the role of the National Legal Services authority (NALSA)in rendering free legal aid in India.
3. “The states in India seem reluctant to empower urban local bodies, both Functionally as well as financially”. Comment.
4. Compare and contrast, the British and Indian approaches to Parliamentary sovereignty.
5. Discuss the role of presiding officers of state legislators in maintaining order and impartiality in conducting legislative work and in facilitating best democratic practices.
6. The crucial aspect of development process has been the inadequate attention paid to human resource development in India suggest measures that can address this inadequacy .
7. Discuss the role of the competition commission of India in containing the abuse of dominant position by the Multi-National Corporations in India. Refer to the recent decisions.
8. E governance as a critical tool of governance as assured in effectiveness, transparency and accountability in governments. what inadequacies hamper the enhancement of these features?
9. ‘Virus of conflict is affecting the functioning of the SCO’

In the light of the above statement point out the role of Indian mitigating the problems.
10. Indian diaspora scaled new heights in the west .

Describe its economic and potential benefits for India

15 Marker

11. “The Constitution of India is a living instrument with capabilities of enormous dynamism. It is a constitution made for progressive society.” Illustrate with special reference to the expanding horizons of the right to life and personal liberty.
12. Explain the constitutional perspectives of Gender Justice with the help of relevant constitutional provisions and case laws.
13. Account for the legal and political factors responsible for the reduced frequency of using article 356 by the union governments since mid-1990s.
14. Discuss the contribution of civil society groups for women’s effective and meaningful participation and representation in state legislatures in India.
15. Explain the significance of the 101st Constitutional amendment act. To what extent does it reflect accommodative, Spirit of federalism?
16. Explain the structure of the Parliamentary committee system. How far have the financial committees helped in institutionalisation of Indian Parliament.
17. “Development and welfare schemes for the vulnerable, by its nature, are discriminatory in approach”. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.
18. Skill development programmes have succeeded in increasing Human Resources supply to various sectors. In the context of the statement analyse the linkage between education, skill and employment.
19. ‘The expansion and strengthening of NATO and a stronger US Europe. Strategic partnership works well for India.’

What is your opinion about the statement? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.
20. ‘See is an important component of the cosmos ‘

Discuss in the light of the above statement the role of the IMO (international Maritime Organisation international Maritime Organisation,)in protecting in environment and enhancing maritime safety and security.

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