[Model Answer QP2022 GS4 Ethics] In the contemporary world, the corporate sector’s contribution in generating wealth and employment is increasing. In doing so, they are bringing in unprecedented onslaught on the climate, environmental sustainability and living conditions of human beings. In this background, do you find that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is efficient and sufficient enough to fulfill the social roles and responsibilities needed in the corporate world for which the CSR is mandated? Critically examine.

The ways in which humans interact with the land and its natural resources are determined by ethical attitudes and behaviors.

[Model Answer QP2022 GS4 Ethics] Whistle-blower, who reports corruption, and illegal activities, wrongdoing and misconduct to the concerned authorities, runs the risk of being exposed to grave danger, physical harm and victimization by the vested interests, accused persons and his team. What policy measures would you suggest to strengthen the protection mechanism to safeguard the whistle-blower?

Whistle blowing means calling attention to wrongdoing that is occurring within an organization.

[Model Answer QP2022 GS4 Ethics]The Russia and Ukraine war has been going on for the last seven months. Different countries have taken independent stands and actions keeping in view their own national interests. We are all aware that war has its own impact on the different aspects of society, including human tragedy. What are those ethical issues that are crucial to be considered while launching the war and its continuation so far? Illustrate with justification the ethical issues involved in the given state of affair.

The tragedy of war is that it uses Man’s best to do Man’s worst. But not all war is bad because a bad peace is even worse than war. 

[Model Answer QP2022 GS4 Ethics] Online methodology is being used for day-to-day meetings, institutional approvals in the administration and for teaching and learning in the education sector to the extent telemedicine in the health sector is getting popular with the approvals of the competent authority. No doubt, it has advantages and disadvantages for both the beneficiaries and the system at large. Describe and discuss the ethical issues involved in the use of online methods particularly to the vulnerable section of the society.

The digital revolution is without a doubt the most significant event in information dissemination since Gutenberg’s printing press and arguably marks a much bigger shift in human communication.

[Model Answer QP2022 GS4 Ethics]It is believed that adherence to ethics in human actions would ensure the smooth functioning of an organization/system. If so, what does ethics seek to promote in human life? How do ethical values assist in the resolution of conflicts faced by him in his day to day functioning?

Ethics is a system of moral principles. They affect how people make decisions and lead their lives. Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society.