Public/Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration

[Model Answer QP2021] Besides domain knowledge, a public official needs innovativeness and creativity of a high order as well, while resolving ethical dilemmas. Discuss with suitable examples.

World Bank expert and water and sanitation specialist, Parameshwaran Iyer was appointed to lead Swachh Bharat mission. His Domain Knowledge helped not only for the success of the Swachh Bharat Mission but his  innovativeness and creativity helped resolve several ethical dilemmas.

[Model Answer QP 2021] Identify ten essential values that are needed to be an effective public servant. Describe the ways and means to prevent non-ethical behaviour in the public servants.

Public administrators must conduct themselves in a manner that shows the public that they are trustworthy. This means adhering to core values for the safety and good of the public. Take a closer look below  at what each of these public service values entails.